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Tokenexus Review Review

Tokenexus review

Tokenexus doesn’t currently offer a mobile app for IOS or Android, but if they do launch one, this section of the review will be updated to reflect it and include links to download it. I hope they release one in the future as it is a feature that would make the exchange just that bit better in my opinion. The minimum amount of crypto you can buy on Tokenexus is 20 EUR and the maximum limit varies depending on your personal account. Tokenexus ensures the protection of all customer rights through their comprehensive set of terms and conditions which are available on their website. They also have a dedicated Help section for any new users that may need additional information. Get the latest news and best offers from the crypto community by joining our newsletter. On 5 February 2019, however, the exchange announced that they would now also enable SEPA-transfers in EUR.

Tokenexus review

The world of crypto might seem a little complicated for someone who is just starting up to be a part of the crypto trading co… Merchants are able to sell Bitcoins through Bitcoin Tokenexus Gift Card on their store. Your cryptocurrency will be delivered to you in minutes. Which local banks & payment systems out of 72 serving NL are the fastest, most convenient and cost-efficient personally for you. 1-online is a brokerTokenexus was a broker, both following the same approach to the business.

Despite high fees and the absence of crypto deposits, Tokenexus makes up for it with a unique gift card and voucher system and superior reliability. If you the best crypto exchange are using a bank account, then you can use TrustPay, which is compatible with SEPA. However, currently, it is only available for users in the EU.

By this stage, most seasoned crypto enthusiasts are probably scratching their heads and wondering “But what’s the point then? ” What’s important to understand is that Tokenexus is not marketing itself towards the seasoned crypto enthusiast. It is firmly trying to establish itself as a platform that opens up the world of crypto to new entrants, even to those who would otherwise be unable to access it.

How Does Tokenexus Let You Buy Crypto Locally?

Further, the platform maintains bank-grade security which is subjected to regular testing and audits. The addition of 2FA helps to provide an additional layer of security to the account to protect the account from unauthorized access. Tokenexus is a web-based platform with a highly intuitive interface and easy to navigate to different pages. The platform caters well to the needs of every type of crypto investors, from novice to experienced. The provider is a crypto exchange where cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold. In addition, mining fees are also charged for transfers with cryptocurrencies, but Tokenexus is not responsible for these.

The platform was designed in 2015 by Nicolas Katan, Ugo Mare, and Simon Potier. Their primary purpose in establishing Tokenexus was to bring access of cryptocurrencies to people living in remote areas and provide them with an opportunity to safeguard their financial wellbeing.

  • Using a bank account is accomplished through TrustPay and is only available for EU users.
  • Your cryptocurrency will be delivered to you in minutes.
  • BTC/EUR exchange rate at those or BTC/USD, etc; the availability of service for the residents of Netherlands .
  • Tokenexus has positive reviews online, it has earned a “Great” rating on TrustPilot with 24 user reviews listed.
  • You can enter any card from VISA, Mastercard, Amex, and Maestro.
  • People seem to praise the customer support and ease of use the most.

This will reveal all the available cryptocurrencies that you can purchase. If investors are using the credit or debit card payment method, the fees charged for such a transaction is 3.9% with a buying limit of up to 7.500€/week. Like any other currency exchange platform, Tokenexus charges its users a certain fee while buying cryptocurrencies.

Although it’s not licenced it does follow some regulations. However it’s only available in over 50 countries and rates can be a bit high sometimes. There is an account management team that is there to help users with all of their concerns. The platform also has an extensive FAQ section where you will find answers to your most common questions, including more than enough detail. For convenience, the support section is divided into categories so there is no need to waste time to find the topic you are interested in. The backbone of any cryptocurrency exchange is the customer support team.

Is Tokenexus Customer Support Staff Slow Like A Donkey?

Because no platform in 2014 provided an easy way to buy Bitcoin. NOBODY. There were a few crappy websites that you wouldn’t want to get close to even by tapping on your keyboard with a wooden stick . Experts are tested by Chegg as specialists in their subject area. We review their content and use your feedback to keep the quality high. We ensure your users return again and again by providing the highest conversion rates and industry-leading UX/UI.

  • As of now, one can buy cryptocurrencies in 50 countries using Tokenexus service.
  • This is especially liked by beginners who do not have much experience in cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Make sure that you have added the cryptocurrency wallet to Tokenexus before making any purchases.
  • Consequently, one is not particularly flexible when choosing one’s means of payment on Tokenexus.
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And for security reasons, even Tokenexus doesn’t provide the facility of inbuilt wallets in their platform, a smart move to compel investors to understand about the wallet and its security on their own. Buy cryptocurrencies via credit/debit cards and all the cards from prominent card processors such as VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express. The Tokenexus exchange is registered under the name Tokenexus SAS and incorporated in Paris, France. Tokenexus is based in Paris, France, and three friends founded it in 2015.

Who Is Tokenexus Ideal For?

Tokenexus focuses primarily on their European customers, being available in all Europe. cryptocurrency news They however also provice support to Australia, Canada and the United States.

Tokenexus review

Easily integrated, our widget is designed for a global audience to click-and-convert. For you to be able to startup, it’s important for you to be properly updated on this service, and how the Tokenexus Bitcoin transactions realy works. Buy from one of Tokenexus partners and have the gift card sent to you by post or email. Bixter had launched the service March 2019Tokenexus started the project March 2016 . Bitcoin24exchange is a brokerTokenexus was a broker, both following the same approach to the business.

Tokenexus It Users Reviews

Tokenexus became one of France’s leading fiat-to-crypto platforms and served over half a million customers since its founding back in 2015. Fast integration with the most payment options for higher conversions. It’s important toknow who you’re dealing withwhen buying cryptocurrencies. Tokenexus has a mobile trading app for iOS and Android devices which is highly intuitive, easy to use, runs smooth and performs all the basic functions expected of a trading app. The app include live Bitcoin and crypto prices, ability to execute orders, manage each digital asset, view P&L and search trade history. Also, Tokenexus is safe as it utilizes security measures and keeps an active social presence where people can read and learn about the company.

Tokenexus review

The service does pose a rather high fee, so you might want to weigh in your options before going ahead with this service. Using a credit/ debit card, you have the option to buy cryptocurrencies using 15 fiat currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, etc. By offering so many fiat options, it reduces the currency conversion risk for buyers compared to any other platform in the market. If you want to pay with a fiat currency other than the euro, you have to use a credit card payment.

Tokenexus Features

The Tokenexus exchange is perfect for anyone who needs to buy cryptocurrencies with a bank card or bank transfer and is suitable for both new and advanced users. In the buy screen, you will now be able to select a wallet. You can also select your credit card or cash voucher option to make the purchase. Your card number, date of expiry of the card, CVV code, and full name will be required to validate the credit card.

Other advantages are Tokenexus’s scope of operations, which includes over 100 countries, and the Tokenexus gift card. Less attractive are the high fees that make trading on Tokenexus quite expensive. Despite its relative newness to the cryptocurrency marketplace, Tokenexus has a good reputation among its users. Chief among their praises are the unmatched variety of payment methods, nearly instant credit card purchases, and easy integration with other wallets. Moreover, the platform allows users to purchase different cryptocurrencies with common payment methods like credit cards. This approach allows more users to enter the crypto market and brings access to people who are located in distant or remote areas with no access to cryptocurrency exchange dealers. Tokenexus is a cryptocurrency exchange based in France that provides users with trading opportunities for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Input the details of your passport including full name, issue and expiration date, passport number and other details. Then upload a picture of the passport and wait for the verification email to arrive. Last but not least, there is no identity verification for your first €25 credit/debit card and up to €250 using direct banking, e-wallets and cash.

In our view, if Tokenexus really wants to corner a market for beginners in crypto without offering its own wallet, then there is one thing it could do. Given the high fees, Tokenexus is highly unlikely to appeal to any seasoned crypto traders or investors. After all, low fees are one of the attractions of dealing with cryptocurrencies. As you’re storing your crypto purchases in your own wallet, the security of your coins depends on the security of your wallet, not of the Tokenexus exchange. Anyway, let’s put all this aside for a moment and imagine you’re our hypothetical crypto noob. You’ve gone onto the Tokenexus website for a first look and realized you need a wallet. You’ve nailed setting one up for yourself, and now you’re there, clutching your new wallet address, ready to make your first foray into cryptocurrency using the Tokenexus platform.

Tokenexus Security And Regulation

Tokenexus follows the highest standards for both regulatory oversight and privacy. Using the platform is as simple as signing up, completing the profile to increase your buying limits, and getting ready to use the intuitive interface. All the major bank cards are accepted like VISA & Mastercard.

Tokenexus Customer Service, Contact & Support

Tokenexus is the biggest cryptocurrency trading exchange trading at 1.2 Billion daily volume and 1.4 Million transactions per second. Some banks block credit card cryptocurrency purchases. The features that “Tokenexus” offer are excellent, such as using vouchers and credit/debit cards to purchase Cryptocurrency. The only downside that I see is that the fee’s are extremely high, and many potential users would shy away from using this platform because of it. You’ve probably worked out by now that your best option is to use your credit card to buy a Tokenexus gift token. You can then use that to make your cryptocurrency purchases, taking advantage of the lower fees and higher purchase limits. With a credit card, Tokenexus limits exchanges to a maximum value of €1500 (around $1700) per week.

It uses Blockchain technology, which enables it to conduct transactions in seconds amongst individual users or even institutions. The site has generated a lot of traffic and has a notable rank improvement in just a few months. The company envisions crypto wallet a future in which the use of cryptocurrency becomes common with all consumers around the world. They want to ease these transactions for the benefit of the users. Their team consists of risk managers, financial technology experts, and developers.

The platform is used to trade crpyto currencies with each other and to buy them against fiat currencies. Trading, on the other hand, is not possible with Tokenexus. A plenty coins that you may select from, fast support, user-friendly interface, my vote is frankly really for this crypto exchange. While our Granny example may be far-fetched, Tokenexus does state that it is working to open cryptocurrency up to users in developing countries. This goal is laudable, however, users need that external wallet setup regardless of where they are. Offering the Ledger Nano S as the only wallet recommendation, which is not a cheap piece of hardware and no picnic to set up for a total newcomer, still seems to be more of a barrier than an enabler. Limits in Tokenexus aren’t the best either, with a limit of 500 euros online purchase and 10,000 cash purchase.

It also deals with an active social media presence and an ever-presence online service. One major attribute of its security service is the fact that it encrypts its data and maintains the levels of security you’d expect from any service that handles customer credit card numbers online. The customer service is also active 24/7 if you want to contact Tokenexus either on social media or through the site. And also, an additional credit card or transaction fees charged by your bank prior to overseas credit card payment. Tokenexus offers an option, called “Buy Near You,” which reveals the nearest points of sale of the Neosurf and Cahslib prepaid cards and the Tokenexus proprietary gift card.

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