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CA Preparation Tips: Self-study strategy for Chartered Accountant Students

CA Preparation Tips: Self-study strategy for Chartered Accountant Students

Preparing for Competitive exams like CA/CS is more challenging than appearing for Exams. Your performance while writing your exam completely depends on how do you strategize your preparation. So, I have written a blog on ca preparation tips to help you strategize your preparation.

CA Preparation Tips

Dear All, I am Kirti Purohit, Chartered Accountant from Pune Maharashtra. Also, I have completed Diploma in Taxation Laws & B. Com. Guys, I didn’t have any coaching classes or any specific guidance while pursuing CA rather I did self-study and cleared CA Exams. Lot of students appear for CA exams but not everyone can complete it. It doesn’t mean they do not study hard or they do not have caliber to clear it. Everyone has same caliber but there are lot of factors which affects a person’s study and career. Like financial condition and support of family, responsibility of family he/she carries with, family background, environment in which he/she is studying, guidance and facilities he/she is getting(affording). There are lot of students who don’t have strong financial condition to afford costly education system or lot of students who carries responsibility to meet family expenses. In such cases even if the student has caliber, he/she cannot complete it. Likewise, there are lot of factors which affect your performance while writing your exam. Like time management, speed of writing and so on. I too faced lot of issues while studying but finally I could achieve my goal.

ca preparation tips

Learn how to prepare for CA exam

Today I will share with you few strategies which I used to follow while studying which developed confidence in me and helped me out to clear my exams. I feel these may help you to strategize your studies to some extent.

  • Don’t miss out study material provided by ICAI: The most important thing is to cover up study material, as well before you appear for exam. Even if you have good coaching class, please make sure that you have a look to study material issued by ICAI. I experienced during CA exams that a good portion of question paper was covered from study material we get from Institute.
  • Draft your own plan of study according to time availability and groups to be appeared. If you have a good preparation or time allows you to prepare for both groups then that’s best. But if you don’t have enough time to prepare for both groups then I would suggest concentrate on only one group of your choice. This is what I did always. Instead of both groups I concentrated on one group at a time and perfectly prepared for it.
  • Understand the paper pattern using last latest 10 exams question papers. Allocate time to solve it in writing not just orally. it will help you to understand the real time problems while solving pares in writing, whether its time management, your writing/calculation speed, your understanding about question
  • Apart from Institute’s Study Material, all other materials available from institute should also be a part of your preparation. Don’t forget that CA Exams are scheduled by ICAI and so any material issued by them is of utmost importance in preparation.               
  • Nowadays, technology helps you understand a subject/topic in interesting way and more accurately in lesser time which otherwise becomes difficult and boring at times. Use technology, online available classes/material to better understand the topic which otherwise is difficult for you to understand.
  • Apart from Study material and online material you can prepare from notes available at your Coaching Institute.
  • Also, make sure you have your meal on time and proper sleep.

I hope this article on CA preparation tips would have cleared all your doubts and would have helped you to identify the pathway to crack ca exam after graduation. Implement these ca final preparation tips and see the results. These preparation tips will surely make difference. & Always remember that it’s never too late. If you haven’t started your preparation yet, then start it today itself. One can start ca preparation after 12th or 10th or even after graduation. The only important thing is keep patience and prepare for exams with confidence, you will surely achieve your goal.

I wish everyone a very good luck.

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